You’ve never had chicken till
you try our chicken! Kamikaze
Karaage is the result of two
foodies’ quest to discover the
perfect karaage – deep fried
crispy chicken, Japanese style.
One day, they had the fortune
to learn about Nagoya and
its famous peppery and spicy
tebasaki (chicken wings).
They took off for the Land of
the Rising Sun immediately,
hunted down the best izakaya
and begged the chef to take them
in as apprentices.

Improvising and finally perfecting
what they had learnt, their
culinary journey culminated
in Kamikaze Karaage. Using
a top-secret recipe that's handed
down through the generations,
the chickens are dipped in batter
then deep fried to a crisp golden
perfection. This forms a delicate
crust that yields to every bite
with a delightful crunch, while
keeping the juicy goodness in –
and the oil out. Lastly, the
chickens are given a generous
coating of a sauce of your choice.

Kamikaze Karaage. Our chickens
have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Don't let them go to waste,
eat up!




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  • Full-time Waitress
    Experience not required. Great attitude is a
    must though!
  • We're not joking – Kamikaze Karaage is highly addictive from the very first
    bite. We're working on expanding our network of stores to better cater to
    customers in need. Check back often.
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    'destroyed' – or just for fun!
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    Add some pizzaz to your comp. And always remember, while it may be raining cats and dogs, we're always raining chickens.